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R5 Mission

In pursuit of my goal I've been developing my program year after year and finding the best, most qualified, people to aid me on this journey! What once was a small family business is developing slowly but surely into a dependable program geared toward growth and exploration while remaining focused on passion and unwavering dedication to the art of dance! My family has no size limit! Join us now and take the first step towards a better a better dance education!

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Your Dance Teacher

Roger White V

About Me

Hey! I'm Roger V, your dance teacher! I was born and raised in south Louisiana with a passion for dance. Now I own a reputable multi-generational dance studio with not one but TWO locations, located in Houma, Louisana! I've been dancing since I can rememeber, as my Mom was a studio owner herself, she taught me everything that she knew. Then when I around 18 years old I had moved to Los Angeles for about 5 years to continue my training.

I've trained my whole life with the singular goal of learning as much as I could about my art seeking to hone and refine my craft to its fullest potential! The evolution of my life has lead me to a point where I believe my purpose is not to horde what I've learned, but to share, spread, and train the discipline and passion nurturing the next generation of young artists!


At Studio R5 we teach and train from a space of knowledge and experience while seeking to instill not only a dance training but life training into our students. Preparing them for whatever path they choose for their future! My mother and grandmother have both taught me that the lessons learned in the studio have no limits to where they can be applied! I pride myself on my students ability to shinein any room no matter the crowd not just as well rounded students and dancers, but as bright inspiring people! 

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